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International Research & Analysis Journal (IRAJ)

International Research & Analysis Journal (IRAJ) provides an outlet for research findings and reviews in areas of Computer Science and Technology found to be relevant for national and international development. IRAJ is an open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Technology. The quarterly journal is intended, in its publications, to stimulate new research ideas and foster practical application from the research findings. The journal publishes original research of such high quality as to attract contributions from the relevant local, regional and international communities.

International Research & Analysis Journal (IRAJ) represents the new standard in scholarly publishing fast and high-quality peer review, a liberal open access policy that brings publishing to the doorstep of every researcher and student. IRAJ will be published 4 times per year with distribution to librarians, universities, research centers, and researchers in computing, mathematics, and information science. The journal will maintain strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality. Anonymous Reviewers will do the refereeing work.

International Research & Analysis Journal (IRAJ) believes that educational papers help improve the quality of research teaching. The manuscripts which are selected after rigorous review process enables research teams to draw attention to recent directions of their research and put their achievements in perspective.

The IRA- Journal would welcome the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. For this purpose we would like to ask authors to contribute their excellent papers in computer sciences and relevant fields. To submit their manuscript, the author should visit online submission of our website. I hope you that this journal would be informative and useful. It is a new initiative. Contributors' comments will help us to improve the quality and contents of the journal. We will accept only those manuscripts which are submitted through online submission procedure, available at our website. It is one step, easy and fast process of submission, which will give rapid processing to the submitted articles. To submit manuscript through online procedure, one can register by filling simple registration form and enjoy the benefits of our services.

FREQUENCY : Quarterly, 4 Issues Every Year

ISSN :2349-9788


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