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IRAJ Volume 1 Issue 1, 2014-06-15 To 2014-08-15

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    Topic Name: Dynamic Multi-Queue Management for Multipath Networks over MANET

    Author (s) : Sachi Sahu, Shivendu Dubey

    Quick abstract

    the network comprising mobile nodes with no infrastructure is termed as mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). The self-organization of the mobile nodes ends up in a network over radio links. For establishing routes among nodes, some specific routing protocols area unit used. High quality nature of the ad hoc networks resulted in new challenge that initiates a thought of difference between wireless characteristics and nature of the configuration. It's essential to regulate the info rate utilized by every sender so as to not overload the network, wherever multiple senders vie for link information measure.

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    Topic Name: Improved Service Log Clustering through Efficient Association Rule Mining

    Author (s) : Venika Garg, Mrs. Roshni Dubey

    Quick abstract

    Service Logs square measure managed within the trade for mining of dealing knowledge that is useful in growth of the organizations. This vast knowledge hold on in commission logs could also be associated with client bound transactions or system process running on the servers. Service orientation may be wont to decompose advanced systems into loosely coupled computer code elements that will run domestically or remotely.

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    Topic Name: Namrata Awasthi, Mr.Anurag Jain, Mr.Harsh Kumar Sing

    Author (s) : Improved Secured Routing Over MANET

    Quick abstract

    Wireless routing could be a part of analysis that's being targeted within the main for congestion dodging and security. Varied routing protocols and techniques unit being boxed in wireless network and making it a locality for a lot of analysis. This work is specializing in security over multicast routing and simulations unit being projected to imply the improved packet delivery ration, throughput, end to end delay and reduced packet drop rate for spontaneous On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol. Attacks square measure a unit being avoided proactively by along with changes inside the fundamental implementation of AODV routing protocol. This work projected to supply access management technique and distinctive key based authentication for AODV.

  • pages (61-66)

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    Topic Name: Parser for Natural Language to Generate Object Oriented Diagram

    Author (s) : Shubha Tiwari, Sandeep Sahu

    Quick abstract

    -- the parser combinators and combinatorial parser frameworks have been studied for programming language parsers, however don't appear to be a lot of studied as parsers for text documents containing each sentences written in an exceedingly tongue and in (project-specific) formal languages. Combinatorial computer parser frameworks for programming languages aren't capable of managing such parsers for text documents like styles and necessities. the most reasons square measure that, have to be compelled to take apart "some specific parts", NLPs aren't treated flexibly within the standard frameworks and that we would really like to quickly and flexibly construct text-parsers victimization tongue parsers as sub-parsers.

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    Topic Name: High Performance Derivation of Association Rules using Genetic Algorithm

    Author (s) : Swati Sharma, Brajesh Patel

    Quick abstract

    Association rule mining is one in every of the foremost necessary and well-researched techniques of knowledge mining, that aims to induce associations among sets of things in dealing informationbases or different data repositories. Presently Apriori algorithms play a serious role in characteristic frequent item set and etymologizing rule sets out of it. However it uses the conjunctive nature of association rules, and also the single minimum support issue to come up with the effective rules. The salient feature of our work is introducing Genetic formula (GA) in etymologizing potential Association Rules from the frequent item set in AN optimized manner by adding rule reduction.

  • pages (44-50)

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    Topic Name: Tree based web log mining using ant clusterings

    Author (s) : Amita Kulhare, Hare Ram Shah

    Quick abstract

    With the fast development of net, net data processing, particularly weblog mining plays a very important role in several fields, together with personalized info service, up styles, services of internet sites so on. Application of knowledge mining techniques to the planet Wide net is noted as net mining. Net mining may be a technology to search out implicit pattern, from Brobdingnagian net document structures and muster.

  • pages (39-43)

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    Topic Name: Secured and Efficient E-Learning System Based on Mobile Agents

    Author (s) : Neha Sharma, Aviral Dubey

    Quick abstract

    Advantages of e-learning systems are recognized for a protracted time and advances in E-learning system have created a lot of in style. The advances have diode to the necessity of security and privacy protective which offer new challenges, have begun to be studied. In E-learning system, identification of the learner is a vital part of the operation of elearning security. The learner's identity info is inspected by the firewall system until currently. Mobile agent systems have several benefits over ancient distributed computing environments. In this work we have a tendency to mix mobile agent and e-learning system and outline a brand new Secured E-learning system that applies security victimization mobile agent. The agent works at each the shopper and server. It'll be useful in avoiding varied attacks like eavesdropping and increasing availableness, authentication & confidentiality of the system.

  • pages (34-38)

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    Topic Name: Efficient Web Usage Mining using Ant Colony Optimizatin

    Author (s) : Venika Garg, Mrs. Roshni Dubey

    Quick abstract

    aE" throughout this era, info is unfold around the world associated access of data of knowledge of one company by the alternative is to boot obtaining used at an outsized level not only for reducing the efforts of data assortment apart from correct usage of the big data. Web services unit associate rising technology to implement and integrate business processes within and across enterprises. Service orientations square measure typically used to decompose advanced systems into loosely coupled code elements that may run remotely.

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    Topic Name: Improved Security, Payload and Performance in ZigBee Networks

    Author (s) : Vinod Kumar Saxena, Sanjay Gupta

    Quick abstract

    The IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee [2] customary protocol may be low rates short vary wireless technology with low value and low power for finish devices. ItaETMs thought of as a very important technology for WSNs. Today, organizations use ZigBee to effectively deliver solutions for a spread of areas together with shopper device management, energy management and potency, home and business building automation similarly as works management. ZigBee technology is being embedded in an exceedingly big selection of product and applications across medical, commercial, consumer, industrial and government markets worldwide. Organizations have a straightforward, reliable, affordable and low-power standards-based wireless technology ZigBee, optimized for the distinctive desires of remote observance and management applications.

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    Topic Name: Power Management over WSN using Static Monitoring Nodes

    Author (s) : Anjli Koshta, Ashok Verma, Ajay Lala, Ashish Chaurasia

    Quick abstract

    Wireless systems are being designed for extremely high data rates and are directly contributing to the global energy consumption. Cooperative communication has shown good potential in improving coverage, providing robust radio links, reducing infrastructure cost, and has the possibility to reduce the total system energy consumption. Routing protocol requires an efficient way to manage the route path based on the routing table in sensor nodes. In recent years, most energy efficient routing are usually using lowest energy path consume at a node to use as a route selection based on the routing table information. In Wireless Sensor Networks, sensor nodes use wireless connections to communicate with other nodes in the area and for such communication they use the energy source available with them. A substantial part of the energy of the nodes is consumed in routing process and initialize process in routing mechanism can contribute a significant impact on energy performance level.

  • pages (16-22)

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    Topic Name: Frequency Based Semantic Annotation Scheme with High Performance

    Author (s) : Amit Kumar Yadav, Roshni Dubey

    Quick abstract

    Annotation of websites is a locality of analysis that is obtaining heap of attention because the count of internet sites of specific topics and as an entire is increasing in no time. Since all the information bases are accessible over internet through hypertext mark-up language representations and data extraction over internet is turning into a lot of and a lot of dynamic. Such information is large and for applications like on-line searching comparison, article assortment etc.

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    Topic Name: Natural Language Processing & Ant Clustering Based Information Retrieval from

    Author (s) : Kavindra Markam, Sapna Choudhary

    Quick abstract

    The Human language question process can play very important role in pc interaction. ItaETMs an area of computing that has info retrieval, MT and Analysis. The most aim of Human Language question process (HLQP) is to alter the novice user to act information by avoiding the complicated command and performance. These Human language question processes create the folks simple to find out and use the pc in addition. This can create the user to enter the text message as they might pass to the person. The interactive with pc is extremely essential and additionally simpler. Today cybernation is enforced in the majority the fields. Significantly in Medical Field if the Doctor needs to act with information, he ought to apprehend the complicated command in addition as procedure. However this Human Language question process created everybody to access the information simply.

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    Topic Name: Performance Enhancement for Deriving Association Rules using Genetic Algorithm

    Author (s) : Swati Sharma, Brajesh Patel

    Quick abstract

    Association rule mining is one amongst the foremost vital and well-researched techniques of knowledge mining that aims to induce associations among sets of things in dealings knowledge bases or different data repositories. Presently Apriority algorithms play a serious role in distinctive frequent item set and account rule sets out of it. However it uses the conjunctive nature of association rules, and therefore the single minimum support issue to come up with the effective rules. The salient feature of our work is introducing Genetic rule (GA) in account potential Association Rules from the frequent item set in AN optimized manner by adding rule reduction. Besides we've got taken a new add-on issue ?Lift Ratio' that is to validate the generated Association rules area unit robust enough to infer helpful data. Therefore this new approach aims to place along the higher than points to come up with AN economical rule with acceptable modification in Apriorirule in order that to supply interesting/useful rules in a good and optimized manner with the assistance of Genetic rule.