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IRAJ Volume 11 Issue 1, 2016-10-16 To 2016-12-31

  • pages (249-258)

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    Topic Name: Pre-copy based Proactive Fault Tolerant VM Migration using Hybrid Algorithm

    Author (s) : Peeyush Manke, Prof Kailash Patidar

    Keywords : Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Virtualization, Fault Tolerance, Pre-copy mechanism, Hybrid Migration

    Quick abstract

    Fault Tolerance in cloud is a major concern to guarantee the availability and reliability of critical services as well as application execution. In order to minimize failure impact on the system and application execution, failures should be anticipated and proactively handled. Many research issues are required to be fully addressed in cloud such as Fault tolerance, workflow management, workflow scheduling, security, etc. The task of offering fault tolerance as a service requires the service provider to realize generic fault tolerance mechanisms such that the clientaETMs applications deployed in virtual machine instances can transparently obtain fault tolerance properties. To this aim, we offer to apply hybrid mechanism of VM migration to reduce the occurrences of the faults and a pre-copy mechanism is proposed to be applied for recovering the instance of the VM when fault occurs.

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    Topic Name: Cloud Security Using Mobile Agents with Trust Server

    Author (s) : Deepak Sehgal, Asst. Prof., Sanjay Gupta

    Keywords : Cloud Computing, Challenges in Mobile Computing, Security in Cloud, Trust Management

    Quick abstract

    The subscriber management system is used by various companies to provide specific services to their clients, based on memberships taken by them for specific services. Some of the services are free and some are paid but both requires users to register online and login for availing the services. A mobile agent can be used to check the access level of the various subscribers along with their security checks in regular interval. Two agents can be created to serve the purpose when one shall provide the authentication and the other shall provide the authorization services. Application of multi-mobile agent in the trusted server environment is not only provides security as in the base paper but will enhance the security to a great extent. It will also enhance the performance of the system due to local processing over the end terminals. This work proposes to involve the mobile agent based security over the cloud and also provides a basic implementation of the proposed system using an example application of subscriber management system

  • pages (265-271)

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    Topic Name: Enhanced Privacy Preserving of Data in Collaborative Data mining using Characteristic

    Author (s) : Gunjan Singh,Mrs. Roshni Dubey

    Keywords : Data Privacy Preservation, Data Mining, Collaborative Data Mining, Web Data Mining

    Quick abstract

    Privacy preserving is majorly concerned on application and evaluation of security of data. In Data Mining, confidentiality of huge data where users of the system requires to get collaborative access then the complete system is termed as Collaborative Privacy Preserving. The application of privacy preserving of data in collaborative environment faces the problem of low performance and accuracy along with the high security needs. It also requires for providing ease of access for the destined users. This paper proposes a high performance and accuracy based system for collaborative privacy preserving data mining and based on characteristics of the data for faster access as well for the users of the system. The proposed system has been implemented and results have been obtained and presented using tables and graphs.

  • pages (272-278)

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    Topic Name: Cloud Data Centre Security using Collaborative Algorithms

    Author (s) : Neha Vishwakarma, Prof. Prateek Gupta

    Keywords : Cloud Computing, hybrid cloud, challenge text, security

    Quick abstract

    Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services based on Internet, and it typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. Cloud computing is spreading around the world and causing the researchers to focus on security of the data over it. These are first, making it possible to communicate between two or more clouds and second, security of communication. The techniques which can be used in hybrid cloud securities are to share the challenge text between the clouds before actual communication should start for authentication. The various works done in this area till now are oriented on other techniques of security between the two or more clouds in a hybrid cloud. Cloud Computing is facilitating users around the world for the best of the services available across the world on their machines through web. It is beneficial for both the service providers (they get huge clientele) and clients (they get all available services).